1- You can preview the product before receiving it, but you cannot try it, especially if it is a personal care product
2- You can reject the order upon inspection, but the shipping costs will be paid in full, even if the shipping is free, as long as the product arrives with the same specifications.
3- We guarantee our products in the event of any malfunction. Rest assured that we will be at your service
4- In the event of a malfunction in the product, it will be replaced with the same product immediately within 3 days and not another product
5- It is not permissible to exchange any personal product as long as it has been used and tested
6- You can exchange the product for any other product if it is not used and the product is not opened on the same day of receipt by sending a message on WhatsApp and bearing the shipping costs.
7- If you call and there is no response, please wait and try again or send a message on WhatsApp